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    I Was a Cloud by Mark W. Roy


    I was a cloud

    I came to be one day,

    I know not how or why this is

    Somehow I found my way.


    Looking down upon the Earth

    My mind is so amazed,

    To see the different sights below

    That glisten through the haze.


    Everywhere I traveled

    The sights they never end,

    But, everything is different

    In the wind around the bend.


    Below the desert and the sea,

    Each lives their life at ease,

    As those that move upon them

    Always do just as they please.


    The horizon never ceases

    To share a new surprise,

    I truly wish everyone could see

    The beauty with their own two eyes.


    I will not be forever

    Or continue on through time,

    Reflecting distant shadows

    Or dreaming little rhymes.


    The winds I feel surround me

    How it takes me by surprise,

    Stretching everything I am

    I finally realize.


    Without the winds to move me,

    Through the skies of yesterday,

    I’d never see the sunrise,

    Or travel on my way.


    The rustle in the heavens

    Brings a gathering in the sky,

    Could I become the weather?

    Or a sunset passing nigh?


    I hope I will remember

    How it felt to be alive.

    After the sun has warmed the branches,

    Once the weather clears the sky.


    Someday I hope I’ll reappear

    As the southern winds unfold,

    On another day, in another sky,

    Someday, will I be old?


    I might have been a minute,

    Or I may have been a mile.

    Look up I hope you see me.

    I’ll brighten up your smile.


    © Copyright 2013 Mark W. Roy




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