Project Description

FirstCard ATM placement
If you own a business and want the benefits of
having an ATM machine but don’t want to own the machine yourself, then our Free ATM Placement program may be a good fit for you.

With this program, we supply the ATM at no cost to you, program it, ship it to your location and install it for you. We also take care of all maintenance and service if the machine ever
requires it, and give you and your customers a 24/7 toll-free support line to report problems or ask questions.

We offer two types of ATM placements:

Full placement
With this program, we take care of everything for you — including cash management. You never have to worry about anything related to the ATM.

Partial placement
With this program, all you do is keep the ATM
machine supplied with cash. Any money that
customers withdraw is automatically redeposited into your bank account every 24 hours.

Top of the line service and support
FIRSTCARD ATM takes care of all installation, programming and ATM network/banking setup. Our certified technicians will visit your location, bolt the ATM down, place all applicable signage and train your staff on cash loading/operation of the ATM. With our proprietary Remote Management Software (RMS) and the ATM onboard computer you can rest easy knowing your ATM will stay up and running. If anything ever goes wrong, your ATM will automatically dial into our tech center within 3 minutes, (requires a dedicated ATM phone line) an alarm goes off and our technicians can dial back into your ATM to perform remote diagnostics and trouble-shooting. In most cases your ATM will be back up and running without you even knowing there was a problem. If customers or your staff need help, they can talk to a person 24 hours a day.

With both programs, you earn a percentage of the surcharge profits from the machine, which are paid to you on the 20th of every month.

Pick out a location for the ATM that includes a power outlet and either a phone line or Internet
connection. Most machines take up a footprint of about 2’ x 2’. A high-speed Internet connection gives you the best reliability and fastest transaction times, while avoiding phone charges. If that’s not feasible then a dedicated phone line is the next best option.

• Free ATM program summary
• Free use of ATM machine
• Free shipping
• Free installation
• Free training (partial placement only)
• Free maintenance
• Free 24/7 customer support
• Free indoor/outdoor sign package ($350 value)
• Free supplies
• Cash management

Through FirstCard ATM’s Placement services, your
institution can add off-premise ATMs to your network without any of the issues associated with their deployment and management.

FirstCard ATM can place cash dispensing kiosks in nearly any setting and location, anywhere in the country. We will manage the ATM
on your behalf and adhere to the highest standards. From a single placement to hundreds, FirstCard ATM is ready to help.

Turnkey ATMs: We will place and
operate a branded ATM in the
locations of your choice.

EFT processing: FirstCard ATM operates its own secure, low-cost, high-availability Electronic Funds Transfer network serving tens of thousands of ATMs around the world. Our network increases security and decreases downtime.

Customer Service: 24/7/365 customer support backed up by two dedicated command and control centers constantly monitoring ATM uptime and operation ensure that when a rare service issue arises, it is resolved quickly and courteously.

Cash management and replenishment: Our proprietary cash management system and experienced team of cash management experts, coupled with a hand-picked armored carrier fleet, ensure your ATMs are ready to deliver any time, every time.

Our ATMs are manufactured by NAUTILUS-Hyosung; the leader in the retail ATM industry with nearly 100,000 ATMs operating in North America. FIRSTCARD ATM has been a Master Distributor (1 of 13 in North America) and maintained ASP certification (the highest level) since 1999. The NH/FIRSTCARD ATM no hassle warranty program is the best in the industry!

Our transaction processing network, RBS Lynk is among the largest transaction processors in the world. Accuracy, exactness, promptness and network connectivity is your key to a successful ATM program.

All transaction income is electronically transferred into your bank account on the 5th business day
of the month (for the previous
month’s transactions).

Program Features
We Provide:
ATM Machine – free, no cost to you*
Cash & Cash Management Services
Maintenance – our technicians will service the ATMs
Processing – transactions will process through our switch
Monitoring – proprietary software ensures max uptime
App Reporting – receive monthly transaction statements
ATM Supplies – receipt paper
Advertising Supplies
– Arrow ATM Sign
– Lighted Topper
– Window Signs
– Door Stickers

You Provide:
• Space
• Internet – if no internet, FirstCard ATM
offers a wireless program
• Dedicated Electrical


Revenue Sharing

Withdrawal Merchant
Transactions Income
0 – 200 $1.00/transaction
201 – 500 50/50 split/transaction
501 – 650 $1.75/transaction
651+ $2.00/transaction
• Revenue Sharing chart assumes $3.00 surcharge fee for withdrawal. If there are multiple
locations, total transactions are an aggregated average.
• *If monthly withdrawal transactions fall below 200, a $100 fee will be assessed.

• Requirements: submitted application must be approved, available in
approved areas only.

Wireless Internet
In Need of Internet?
Special pricing – just $9.95/month
with Placement Program
Includes equipment