Project Description


Many things evolve from the creative mind. Sometimes its something from left field or right field. You never know. The following is a synopsis of an idea that was formulated one day in about a minute or two. Then it was written down, and thought about for a year. The details are all stowed away in the brain vault somewhere, and many of the details are yet to be nailed down. The idea is as follows:

Movie concept:

“The Chinese Driving School”

By: Mark W. Roy Creative producer.

The Chinese Driving School

The Movie: Treatment, Synopsis by Mark W. Roy


Our leading character Phil “Rich” Payne has inherited the “Chinese Driving School” of Miami from his aunt Dawn Moon who recently died shortly after inheriting the school from her second husband Chavon Moon a Chinese national who died mysteriously in a suspicious suicide. Mr. Moon was secretly involved in a cover-up industry protecting a human trafficking ring with major trafficking channels from main land China. The connections and activity of this operation involved international and US connections that were layered in many industries including prostitution, internet pornography, telemarketing, staffing restaurateurs, and textile manufacturing.  US Customs, immigration, and other required logistic operations in transportation, and captivity housing requirements were also entwined to maintain secrecy and deepen over. These operations that have gone undetected for over 7 years support a broad network of suppliers and end users which have constant and growing supply needs that must continue but, no one knows all the players except the now deceased Mr. Moon. Without these clandestine operations and his main source of importation cover that the operation relied strongly upon their ability to continue to run the girls through this operation is in jeopardy. If the king pin of the Tri-X operation in Chine is unable to acquire all of the secret contacts that were known only to Chavon the future of these operations will be set back years.

Our main character sets off on this new live path that will take him into his new career as the new owner of the “Chinese Driving School” of Miami, a driving school that caters only to the training of young Chinese girls and women. After these girls receive legal driving licenses and new identities they are then placed into the secret underworld of call girls and other fraudulent and illegal activities. Our main character with his checkered past has always got by on a wing and a prayer as he hopped from one part time job to another. He has always been in legitimate fields, except for that marijuana sales “business” when he was in college. The challenges of running the driving school are all new to him since he doesn’t have a valid driver’s license, never had or paid for auto insurance, or had a business license, understood overhead, payroll, advertising or anything in the world of business.

The “Chinese Driving School” has been suspected by local and federal authorities to be somehow involved in illegal operations and is contently under surveillance. Phil “Rich” Payne has to make every move appear legitimate because of the will requirements and the constant probing and scrutiny of the authorities in every facet of his new business. The action involves many communication problems because of the language differences with the students and the lurid and cryptic communication that he uncovers on the computer and the answering machine upon taking possession of the business. Comedy combined with foreign intrigue is fast paced and quickly takes our hero into this underworld of human trafficking.

As the action and relationships evolve the unwilling and kung fu trained Chinese Madam Lily Kin becomes a trusted and loyal love interest for our hero. They must avoid detection by the police, the good ones and the bad ones plus try and uncover the depth of the operations. In alliance with retired FBI agent Shawn Song our cast takes off on a back alley international crusade to undermine this international trafficking operation and to make the “Chinese Driving School” legitimate and profitable within the guidelines of the will that our hero accepts from his passing aunt Dawn Moon. If he is successful in turning the business into a legitimate and profitable business within one year, our hero will inherit the stashed millions that his aunt has set aside over the years in cash and stock estimates at over $125 million dollars. His pledge of secrecy as to the details of the will requirements causes accounting and other problems that he must overcome to secure his final reward. Choosing between morals, ethics and money will bring our hero his greatest rewards as he find out who he really is inside…

The story goes many places and takes the viewer down many roads. When life slows down a little bit I will try to knock this out. Perhaps it just takes the right acquaintance at the right time and telling the idea to someone. You never know.