extreme vehicle
extreme vehicle
extreme vehicle
extreme vehicle


A Destination Adventure with Extreme Vehicular and Experiential choices for adventurous families and groups.

Four Wheeling, ATV, Military Survival Machinery and Aircraft, just to name a few.

Will include over 2000 acres or Hiking, and off road experiences with Events, Challenges, Fund Raisers, Veterans, Families, Law enforcement. Drive an Extreme vehicle, or take a group outing.

Bring your own Off Road 4 Wheel Drive vehicle and take our Ninja-Mountain Trail and Off Road Challenge.

A Headquarters Restaurant and Souvenir Shop. A Total Upgrade and EXTREME vehicle Accessories Store and Outfitters Shop, A custom garage. Indoor and outdoor shooting ranges.

Races, Events, National Challenges. Extreme Build-Off Competitions.

A Survival Trucking and ATV Museum, Lodges, Hotels,” The Barracks”, The Elite Extreme Wilderness Time Share and property ownership. Pools, barbecues, picnics, ball fields, Gymnasium. A work out club and health center.

Land and Water Terrain Vehicles, Survival Training and Team Building and Strengthening Seminars for corporate events.

This ain’t your grandma’s “Ride the Ducks”. A Helicopter shuttle to the Branson Helicopter Landing Pad hourly.

And Open all Year.

If your ideas of excitement are riding a golf cart and hitting a ball in the hole, or setting in a boat trying to catch a fish, or Riding a Ferris wheel for “One” rotation — This isn’t for you,

But, it could give you a memory and experience that you would write home about, (or post on “FaceBook”) You will never forget this Adventure Mom and Dad. And please bring the kids, something for all ages.