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Project Description

Project Brief

The project brief is  a final stage in the process of defining the client’s requirements for the development of a built asset:

  • The statement of need is the first attempt to describe the possible requirements of the project.
  • The strategic brief develops from the statement of need and describes the client’s requirements in sufficient detail to allow the appointment of consultants. It is then developed further with the benefit of comments made by the consultants.
  • The project brief is the key document upon which the design will be based.

The project brief will evolve through the project brief stage and the concept design stage with the benefit of information gained from consultations with the client and other stakeholders and ongoing design development.

The Challenge

Frame Your Design Challenge

Properly framing your design challenge is critical to your success. Here’s how to do it just right.
Getting the right frame on your design challenge will get you off on the right foot, organize how you think about your solution, and at moments of ambiguity, help clarify where you should push your design. Framing your design challenge is more art than science, but there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, ask yourself: Does my challenge drive toward ultimate impact, allow for a variety of solutions, and take into account context? Dial those in, and then refine it until it’s the challenge you’re excited to tackle.

The Solution

Clients can be very specific to their requirements and sometimes equally helpful in every stage of the web design/development process, which surely helps a lot, given the condition of client transparency! Defining a comprehensive solution for a client’s web needs is all what is expected from a web designer or a web developer and this is what ‘Service’ is all about! Irrespective of the services offered, client satisfaction and relationship building have always been a crucial factor. It is the level of satisfaction provided and the way clients managed that determines the future growth and long term success. Often, meeting expectations of a client in all respects is often a tedious task. Meeting the requirements of the client is a challenge in itself.

Conceptual Design Samples

The Skills Needed To Produce Brand Excellence

Graphic Design

Graphic design, also known as communication design, is the art and practice of planning and projecting ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. The form of the communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms.


An illustration is a graphic depiction of any concept or subject in a drawing, sketch, painting, photograph, cinema or other type of image. The word comes from the latin word illustra’tio, illu’stro meaning enlighten, irradiate.

Design Mockups

A mockup is a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design. A mockup is a prototype if it provides at least part of the functionality of a system and enables testing of a design.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. And while it includes your logo, color palette and slogan, those are only creative elements that convey your brand. Instead, your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market.

Final Result & Client Satisfaction

Our previous website was so outdated and non functional that it was a complete waste of time and assets. After deciding to work with WorldHenge Creative to implement a new responsive website that allowed us to actually turn our site into a functional income producing project. We could have never realized how the process was going to be so successful. Tom Busi CEO
Tom Busi, FirstCard ATM
We met our new designer by accident one day when we were shopping at a neighborhood Staples store. When we started our development process with our designer, and the owner of WorldHenge Creative the process took about 2 month to complete and now that was 3 years ago. Our high quality bed linens have since been sold at markets, through distributors and through our website. Those sales are now almost effortless. We couldn’t function without this fantastic resource. Tina Jacob, Owner and Founder of Tina’s Luxurious Sheets

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